Interdisciplinary in form, Tell Me What You See challenges our conception of the world by generating new representations of reality through the union of performance art, drawing, poetry and photography. 

The first phase of the work is a performative collaboration executed by the artist and a participant.  Prior to the performance the participant selects a location (be it landscape, cityscape, or other). The performance begins when the participant escorts the blindfolded artist to the predetermined location. The participant is responsible for the verbal illustration and photographic documentation of said environment. Based on the description provided, the artist creates a blind sketch, similar to a blind contour drawing only the artist must rely on the eyes of the participant. 

The second phase of the work occurs in post-production, where the artist marries the blind sketch and the photographs, bonding the visions of both the participant and the artist. The resulting images explore the gap between art and life, the real and the unreal.

  Lakeshore (Toronto) , 2012

Lakeshore (Toronto), 2012

  Garden (Venice, Florida) , 2013

Garden (Venice, Florida), 2013

  Autumn (Minden, Ontario) , 2013

Autumn (Minden, Ontario), 2013